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Rudy Atencio is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and is running for the U.S. Congressional PRM WA 3rd district, (D) (2020). Recently our healthcare has come under attack, but we will fight to make sure that never happens. I have set the standards very high, and will continue to fight for change based in our reach for human sovereignty, free from institutional racism and our struggle for equality until our vision of a more perfect union has been reached. We are fighting for equal pay, your healthcare in Washington, and raising the minimum wage. Recently, the U.S House put a bill forward that would have raised the minimum wage, however your representative Jaimie Herrera voted against it, but i will make sure you get a raise to your minimum wage so that you can put food on your tables and have enough to put Christmas presents under the tree. 

Rudy Atencio U.S. Congressional PRM 3rd district, (D) (2020) has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Rudy Atencio U.S. Congressional PRM 3rd district, (D) (2020) and their vision for change. WOKE (2020)


The Dream Big America Project. Coming May 5,

Has anyone stoped to ask why don't we build big anymore? The shipping channel is a project i am proposing for our border, one that would be built with love and not divisiveness, out of dreamers who dare to envision the American dream. America is a land where the milk and honey, comes from a spirit of inclusion. Can we bring America back together? To send the message that together we can change the world, but we have to DREAM BIG! We are a nation of day dreamers, we dare to dream big, dream big America; have the nerve, the gall, and dare to know. We have the nerve to share our hopes, our dreams, our fears with those showing up for a better life on our shores. Shores of hopes, shores of dreams, shores of a greener and hopeful future. That we are one people, one civilization, one movement. That we are a multicultural patchwork who all belong and strive for that genuine connection and spark that you feel when you meet a newcomer. That out of many we have given rise to one perfect union.
That Love is what will wash away the festering wound of our border crisis. Free love, one that gives rise to the American dream, and that spark you feel when you first meet someone is that spark that leads to life and not death. To loud audacious moves not silence, to liberty and never oppression. That the spirit of Unity is together not separated by walls. Its the spirit of togetherness as one people one voice under one sky, that united we will stand, that a thousand points of light will decorate our skies with dreams shining brighter than any star. That through love persistence and grace our civilization will survive this hiccup in history. God bless you and God bless the United States of America. WOKE (2020) 🏳️🌈



February 11, 2021

Please sign the petition to show your commitment to peace, by: Woke America and the Peace Campaign.




The rise of the alt-right, and, muscular christianity in america, has left the LGBTQ community vulnerable and open to homophobic attacks, religious intolerance and the revocation of universal human rights. Fight along side us, with the Equality-Act sponsored by Taylor Swift, and the progressive movement. The equality act bases its very founding on the idea that we are all created equal, and as such have the right to culturally engineer a happier and more peaceful  multicultural society.



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